Cantina Ronca Ulderico Rosso, 2018, Veneto, Italy

Red Wine

Red Corvina & Merlot italy image Italy


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Soak up the Lake Garda sun with Amarone's hipster younger brother.

Amarone’s hipster brother. This cannot technically be called Amarone because it is made from rogue grapes and it lives on the wrong side of the tracks, but the Ulderico Rosso - made in an appassimento-style - is as good as any Amarone we’ve tried. With its minimalist bottle, its winemaking in conversion to organic and its thoroughly modern flavour, we wouldn’t be surprised if you peered through the glass and saw tattoos beneath.

The Ronca family have been caring for their vines on the gentle hills in the Sommacampagna area – just to the south of Lake Garda – since the 1970s. They capture the Lake Garda sun not just in their grapes, but also via solar panels for heating their water and producing electricity for the winery. They use no herbicides, insecticides or harvesting machines, and are currently in conversion to go completely organic.


GRAPE: Corvina
GRAPE: Merlot
REGION: Veneto
ALCOHOL: 16.5%
STYLE: Rich And Powerful Red
METHOD: Low Sulphite
METHOD: Organic