Cantina Ronca Garganega, 2021, Veneto, Italy

White Wine

White Garganega italy image Italy


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Rich creaminess and gorgeous tropical fruit flavours. Soave for the suave.

Soave for the suave. Soave is located to the east of Verona and has a reputation as one of those old fashioned wines that used to be popular. However, this wine comes from an extremely eco-friendly young winery to the west of Verona and although it is made from the same grape used in Soave, it is a much more sophisticated beast. It has a rich creaminess from ageing on the lees (dead yeast) and a gorgeous apple, pear and pineapple flavour. Time to get that risotto pan out...

The sweet and gently rolling hills of Sommacampagna form the backdrop for the Ronca winery, whose vineyards are gently caressed by the mild breezes coming from the nearby Garda Lake and characterised by the strong minerality of the Morenic hills. The Ronca family cultivate their estate-grown grapes for the production of DOC wines typical for the Garda territory.

[shorstart]Suave creaminess with a touch of gorgeous apple. Suavemente![shortend].


TYPE: White
GRAPE: Garganega
REGION: Veneto
STYLE: Crisp And Elegant
METHOD: Low Sulphite
METHOD: Organic