Cantina Ronca Custoza, 2016, Veneto, Italy

White Wine

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White Garganega, Trebbianello & Trebbiano Italy image Italy


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Little known DOC on a double battle site near Lake Garda. Think salty Soave.

Custoza was the site of two crushing defeats in the Italian Wars of Independence at the hands of the Austrians. However, Custozas white wine is an Italian winner every time. A peachy, floral, refreshing and slightly saline blend of Garganega, Trebbiano and Trebbianello produced just south of Lake Garda. Some people argue that Trebbiano and Trebbianello are the same thing, but we and Cantina Roncas eco friendly winemaker says they are different (the former being Ugni Blanc used in Cognac and the latter being a relation to Sauvignon Vert).

The sweet and gently rolling hills of Sommacampagna form the backdrop for the Ronca winery, whose vineyards are gently caressed by the mild breezes coming from the nearby Garda Lake and characterised by the strong minerality of the Morenic hills. The Ronca family cultivate their estate grown grapes for the production of DOC wines typical for the Garda territory.

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Garganega
REGION: Veneto
METHOD: Organic