Burgundy Bootcamp: 6 Bottles of Elegance


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Burgundy Bootcamp: 6 Bottles of Elegance


Behold, the case of wines from Burgundy, also known as the 'Elixir Expedition'!

This collection is more sophisticated than a penguin in a top hat and monocle. Inside, you'll find wines that have matured so gracefully they once offered retirement advice to a bottle of vinegar.

Uncork one of these treasures and experience the elegance of Burgundy – where every sip is like a gentle reminder that life is too short to drink bad wine.

Bon appétit and cheers to a case of exquisite French fancy!

What's in the case:

Domaine Garnier et Fill Chablis 2021, Burgundy, France 
Made next to the Grand Crus by the best bespectacled brothers since The Proclaimers.

Domaine Garnier et Fill Chablis 1er Cru Montmains 2019, Burgundy, Franc
Referred to as the most floral of the Premiers Crus. Of all the Premiers Crus in Chablis, this wine has three-star appeal

Domaine Luzy Macarez Pouilly Fuisse "Mont des Buis" 2021, Macconais, France
From vines on the slopes of France’s most staggering geologic monument.

Ripe apples & pineapple with buttery tones.

Domaine Laurent Perrachon Juliénas "Roche Bleue" 2022, Beaujolais, France
Red fruit, intense colour, light but racy. So full of life it’s practically got a pulse

A profound Gamay that tells the history of Juliénas.

Domaine Armelle et Bernard Rion Chorey Les Beaunes 2019, Burgundy, France
This wine is so smooth that even the cork wears sunglasses.
It's the Burgundy superstar that'll make your taste buds do a standing ovation.

Domaine Armelle et Bernard Rion Chambolle-Musigny 2018, Burgundy, France
A wine so suave, James Bond would trade his martini for a glass. It's the secret agent of the wine world, leaving seduction in every sip


REGION: Beaujolais
REGION: Burgundy
CLASSIFICATION: Chambolle Musigny
CLASSIFICATION: Pouilly-fuissé
METHOD: Biodynamic
METHOD: Organic