Bodega Vinessens Sein, 2017, Alicante, Spain

Red Wine

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Red 60% Monastrell & 40% Syrah


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Cedar, mulled spice & black fruits. Bottled warmth.

If Ready Brek was central heating for kids, then this is central heating for adults. Black cherry, blackberry, blackcurrant, plum, mulling spices, cedar, cigar box and vanilla; it is like Bodegas Vinessens have bottled the warmth of the Valencian sun to help get us through the cold winters.

A small family-run winery always on the lookout for what they call "Vinos de Autor" (Author Wines): wines that reflect their personalities, produced using almost entirely artisan techniques. Despite their prestigious Alicante ancestors, husband and wife Andres Carrull and Marta Ribera are practitioners of whats become known as "Garage bodega" which is less about 2-step and jungle beats and more about a cutting-edge, slightly"mad scientist"approach to each variety.

GRAPE: Monastrell
GRAPE: Syrah
REGION: Alicante
VINOTYPE: Tolerant