Bobar Royale Chardonnay, 2018, Yarra Valley, Australia

White Wine

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It’s a fact - Bobar Chardonnay’s grapes come from the ‘best’ part of the vineyard – ‘viticulturally’ the easiest to grow in regardless of how the season unfolds. The wine produced has a surgeon’s precision and a huge depth of character and no added sulfites. Lead by Tom and Sally, this is a bottle that’s spearheading the Yarra Valley natural wine movement. They simply provide the manpower, and Mother Nature takes care of all the rest!

Making wines simply and sustainably is at the heart of this quaint, and equally rather bold vineyard, hidden away in the Yarra Valley. Tom and Sally Belford are pioneers of the natural wine movement, and with the only exception of a little gas at bottling, nothing is added to their wine. Using fruit from their own vineyards and selected sites from across the valley, their gentle, lo-fi wines have developed quite a cult following! Like we love to express the eccentricity and brilliance of our winemakers, Bobar wines express the place where they grow their grapes, and the sheer pleasure they take in their craft.

TYPE: White
COUNTRY: Australia
REGION: Yarra Valley