Blackwater Sauvignon Blanc, 2016, Darling, South Africa

Blackwater Sauvignon Blanc, 2016, Darling, South Africa

White Wine

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Franky Rabbit Pants put his effort into the wine not the label. #Priorities

Francois Midas Haasbroek does it again: grapes to gold. An under-appreciated plot at Cloof's estate in Darling that would have been blended away into insignificance, rescued artfully by the master. The result is a like a slightly chunkier version of a Sancerre. We call it Fat Loire Darling.

Francois Haasbroek is, in our opinion, the man who made Waterford Estate the Stellenbosch legend that it is. But he always had a dream of going it alone. So when he'd finished his shift he'd go searching for under appreciated vineyards, ones whose grapes would disappear into blends, and then he'd stay up until 3am vinifying them. Then he'd head back to work at Waterford the next day.