Azienda Agricola Magda Pedrini, Ad Lunam, 2020, Gavi DOCG, Piedmont, Italy

White Wine

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Any Latin Speakers? If so, you already know "Ad Lunam" means “from the Moon”. When Magda first planted these Cortese vines, the vineyard resembled lunar craters due to the white colour of the soil. It isn't just all about looks after the grapes bask in the sunlight and they laminate under the Piemontese moonlight, which is vital in retaining their ethereal acidity.

It is in the tiny traditional village of Pratolungo that Magda Pedrini fell in love with the ambitious idea to restore the neglected estate in the heartland of Gavi D.O.C.G. Since 2006, she has dedicated herself to revitalise Ca’ da Meo, a hamlet that originated in the Middle Ages. Magda’s hard work has paid off, today Tenuta Magda Pedrini is 11 hectares of vines producing fruit that exemplified what Gavi is all about (think freshly cut white flowers, fruit, and wet pebbles, thanks in part from those cooling wines from the nearby Ligurian coast).

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Cortese
REGION: Piedmont
METHOD: Low Sulphite
METHOD: Sustainable