Allimant-Laugner Muscat, 2015, Alsace, France

Allimant-Laugner Muscat, 2015, Alsace, France


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white 100% Muscat France


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White grapes & white flowers: floral and just downright fun.

Muscat is one of Alsace’s forgotten grapes, but it has been grown here since the sixteenth century. It is high time this little wine had a resurgence. Intensely aromatic, like a truckload of grapes has just overturned on Columbia Road Flower Market in midsummer. Must-have Muscat. This is actually a blend of the ancient Muscat à Petits Grains and the more modern Muscat Ottonel, unmistakably grapes, floral and just downright fun.

Nicolas Laugner’s winery is a real family winery. Grandma Allimant married Grandpa Laugner giving the winery its name, but in fact the family has 12 generations of winemakers. They farm 12 hectares in Orschwiller, Northern Alsace, from which they make an incredible 15 different wines, so this is super boutique stuff. They only employ two part time employees, Nicolas, his Mum, Dad and dog (a little white fluffy ball called Falka). Their wines are all vegan, fermented in stainless steel using only natural yeast and cultivated in a sustainable manner.