Albert Bichot Montrachet Grand Cru, 2013, Burgundy, France

White Wine

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Out of a struggling vintage rises a vibrant Burgundian phoenix.

Montrachet Grand Cru is considered the crown jewel of all Burgundian chardonnays or as we call this wine the Holy Grail of all chardonnays. Rubenesque and textured opulence, Bichot Montrachet Grand Cru will leave you more breathless than The Corrs wearing corsets. This barrel fermented Montrachet Grand Cru spends 6 weeks to 2 months in 100% new oak barrels and then aged in oak of which is 50% new oak for 14-16 months.

Burgundian legends; the Bichot family settled in the region in 1350. The wine business was founded in 1831 by Bernard Bichot, and his son, Hippolyte Bichot, bought the first vines. Clearly deciding that they weren't going to beat Hippolyte Bichot as a name, the next three generations were named Albert Bichot. Now sixth-generation scion Alberic Bichot runs the place with respect for traditions and an eye to the future. He compares himself to the "conductor of an orchestra, proud to bring people and their talents together.