Adria Vega Montán Mencía, 2021, Bierzo DO, Spain

Red Wine

Red Mencía spain image Spain


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In celebrating the history of their grand location in Bierzo, Spain, this family winery has been making wine that will go down in history, that’s for sure! Their Mencía is a product of perfection in simplicity. Each mouthful is rich with bold, fruity notes and is light on the tongue. The variety, with its thick-skinned, violet-blue grapes, was once thought to be related to Cabernet Franc. Modern DNA testing has disproved this theory, however, but has uncovered that it is in fact genetically identical to Portugal's Jaen. Bursting at the seams with rich, velvety flavour, you can’t dispute it’s rightful place in Spanish winemaking folklore.

A wine cellar that reflects the renewal of winemaking activity in the region, with bombastic tradition and innovation; meet Vega Montan! The winery stands on a privileged hill overlooking the valleys of the Bierzo, in one of the stretches of the Camino de Santiago, before going into Villafranca del Bierzo. In this area is the best Mencía for grapes of our region, since most of its vineyard is on the hillside. Based upon old Roman territory, their presence remains dotted throughout the region including its many waterways that filter through the vineyards. History is at the centre of this fine established winery, with little more embellishment needed. With flavours that speak for themselves, less is most definitely more when it comes to their wines.


GRAPE: Mencia
REGION: Bierzo Do
STYLE: Smooth And Structured Red