Winemakers' Live Chat | Wine Tasting Case (2, 9 & 16 June)

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Join the Humble Grape team as we host a digital wine chat on Instagram Live with winemakers from around the world! We've lined-up a few of our Humble heroes, along with the wines we'll be tasting while in isolation.

Drink the wines WITH the winemakers: We've built a case that represents two wines from each of the next three producers we'll be hosting for Winemakers' Live Chat these coming weeks. We'll deliver the case of 6 bottles to your door, all you have to do is pour your self a glass & bring your questions for the winemaker (maybe charge your phone?). We'll email you ahead of the chat to remind you want wines to have at the ready.


You save by buying this case!


 The wine chat will be held on Instagram Live (@humblegrape), so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Pull the corks & bring questions!


Who's Coming Up:

Matic (Matic Wines)  2 June, 6:15 PM (GMT)

Ronell (Bartinney)  9 June, 6:15 PM (GMT)

Christian (Torre Bisenzio)  16 June, 6:15 PM (GMT)


What's in the case:

Matic Wines A Love Story in 3 Acts: Kerner, 2018, Stajerska, Slovenia 
Matic Wines A Love Story in 3 Acts: Šipon, 2018, Stajerska, Slovenia 

Bartinney Chardonnay, 2017/18, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Bartinney Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Torre Bisenzio Bianco di Bisenzio, 2018, Umbria, Italy
Torre Bisenzio, Il Pugnalone, 2016, Umbria IGT, Italy

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About Matic Wines (Stajerska, Slovenia)
Matic's humble nature is reflected tenfold in the wine he produces. He doesn't have a website and is only contactable on via the odd message (and occasionally social media). He's a true obsessor when it comes to experimentation and exploration with his winemaking. Basically, he's a bookworm who will try anything to see if it works - and goodness knows it works! The attention to his craft transcends the wine itself and features in his labelling too. His flagship "A Love Story in 3 Acts", wine depicts rivers, to layers of rock, and finally maturation. Each of his "acts" plays a vital part in telling the real story of Matic's rather outstanding wines. 

About Bartinney (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Established in 1912, Bartinney has been in the Jordaan family since 1953. Now Michael and Rose Jordaan tend to the 28-hectare farm, with a vision to create excellent wines and reawaken the charm of the historic land. And charming is right: perched on the dramatic slopes of Botmaskop alongside the Helshoogte Pass, overlooking the picturesque Banhoek Valley in Stellenbosch. Google it if you want to feel disappointed in the view from your own front window. 

About Torre Bisenzio (Umbria, Italy)
Neena and Mike Rees purchased Torre Bisenzio Estate in 2003 when it was in a state of complete ruin. Having been repurposed for a multitude of uses since the 4th century from a church to a granary, it has been passionately restored to its original grandeur. (No easy feat!). Combining the best of local materials with modern design and technology, part of the rebuild included investment into farm buildings raising indigenous cows alongside the vineyards, olive groves, and in-house winery. The newest owners have restored it with the same passion they have for wine and the rich history and heritage of this remarkable place is utterly palpable in their produce!


TYPE: Events
TYPE: White
TYPE: Wine Tasting Event
GRAPE: Cabernet Sauvignon
GRAPE: Chardonnay
GRAPE: Sangiovese
GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc
GRAPE: Syrah
COUNTRY: Slovenia
COUNTRY: South Africa
REGION: Stajerska
REGION: Stellenbosch
REGION: Umbria

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